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If you need training to get ready, or to keep up with new developments, we've got a low cost solution that will keep you up to date, and ready for Mobile Work !
It's only $10 a month.

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Paypal is the same payment processing system that is used by Ebay to make secure purchases, and subscriptions on line. Once you make a payment for a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time.
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Square down payment systems
Square is a processing system delevloped by the same developers that created Twitter. The subcription that you make by a purchase, will renew each month, and can be cancelled at any time.

Contractor Website Template #1 for Amazon

These sites run on either AWS, Google, or Azure.

Contractor Website Template #2 for Azure

Client registration and 2FA is included out of the box.

Contractor Website Template #3 for Google

You can manage and take orders for other Cloud Service Platforms.

These are the "templates" we have available... It's important to have a place to start working. If you don't have a physical store front that people can walk into, then you at least need a Website that you can invite your customers to. These "starter sites, can give you a chance to answer questions, provide additional information, and accept payments for the work that your doing. If you can at least start somewhere, then you're one step ahead.

These templates include support from the Activemode Network, and can be enhanced and upraded to suit your business needs at an additional cost. Contact the Network for more information.

You have to Subscribe in order to have access to support and service for the templates.

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